The Web building progress project update

Progression on site has begun! It's been a busy few weeks on site - going from slab to tilt panels going up. The physical structure of the building is really coming together now - be sure to watch this space for updates on progress of the build.

What is the WEB?

The WEB Business Hub will promote the growth and diversification of the East Pilbara small business community.  The WEB project, space and services will be multi-functional and adaptive, focusing on supporting growth of existing small businesses and creating new business by promoting and fostering entrepreneurial activity among the community.

The objectives of the project are as follows:

A minimum of approximately 75% of subcontractor and supplier orders will be let to Hedland/Pilbara based companies, some of which have an Aboriginal presence

Meet the Team

Our co-ordinator Kira Smith has been actively engaging with the community, building on relationships and sharing all things to do with the WEB. Opportunities to collaborate and working together with community members and businesses has been at the forefront of Kira’s movements over the past few weeks. Pre-launch activation will begin shortly as we prepare to roll out learning and business related workshops, training and programs.

Supporting the local business community

"The WEB Business Hub is set to be the go-to location in Hedland that offers collaboration, creativity, motivation, and multifunctional areas with supportive services that both fosters and supports existing and start-up businesses. Hedland Collective is looking forward to being a component of this exciting new chapter in the Pilbara."

Angela Rooney, Hedland Collective

"I'm thrilled to be part of a project that will reinvigorate opportunities for entrepreneurship and further deepen the business community in the East Pilbara region owing to whole-of-business support project objectives."

Kira Smith, The WEB Business Hub

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