Speaking for profits

Public speaking, although scary, can be used to grow your business profits through effective and targeted marketing. You can also use public speaking to help set yourself up as a leader in your field, to increase awareness of your business to your market and to effectively network with potential clients.

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This workshop will show you how to grow your business through public speaking. One of the most effective ways of education people and marketing your business is by speaking one to many. In this workshop you will learn strategies to speak and share your information to help increase your brand recognition, reach more people and increase sales. Speaking is a simple way to boost your business through marketing your offering. Speaking is also a great way to add value and service existing clients.

Speaking for small business owners is also relatively cheap, and it can reach a larger targeted audience. The content once created can also be reused, shared and repurposed.

In the workshop you will learn a range of modalities for speaking for profit and identify which mode best suits your business and your target clients.


  1. Your elevator speech
  2. How to run a public seminar               
  3. How to run a webinar
  4. How to create a podcast
  5. How to create a YouTube video
  6. How to speak on radio
  7. How to run an online course
  8. How to re purposing your spoken word
  9. How to participate in business conferences or trade shows 

The secret to speaking to boost your business is being sure of your value proposition and the problem that you solve for your customer. People are not always aware of the problems that they have, or if they are, they are not aware of the best ways to solve them. Using the spoken word as a means of increasing this awareness and letting people know that you have the solution is a great way to market your business.

At the end of this workshop you will be more effective and confident in using public speaking as a way of educating, selling and marketing your business offerings. You will have an understanding of a range of different modes and methods that you can use when public speaking to reach your target audience.

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