Perth Web Girls Arrives in the Pilbara

In an exciting new initiative, Perth Web Girls will be collaborating with the WEB Business Hub in Port Hedland on May 12th 2018. Pilbara Web Girls is a grassroots event empowering women to code through a FREE programming workshop.

Diversity Matters

In Australia, the mining industry is one of the most male-dominated, with only 2.6% of chief executive officers and 12.3% of key management personnel in the industry being women. The traditionally masculine roles have remained that way, with women making up just 10% of machinery operators and drivers, 4.9% of technicians and trades and only 7.1% of labourers.

Whilst these stats may seem pretty dire, there are many in the community who are trying to make a positive difference. Our sponsor, BHP for instance, has a goal of trying to achieve gender balance globally by 2025. That’s why BHP believes so strongly in diversity in the tech community, and support events like this that spark collaboration, creativity, and expand networks for women.

About the Program

Women of any age who are excited about learning to code are welcome to come along to this event. As long as you have basic knowledge of working with a computer as well as your own laptop you’ll be able to take part. Thanks to our fantastic sponsors lunch will be provided and there will even be cupcakes and yoga. You can register for the event here. Hurry! Spaces are limited.

Supporting the local business community

"The WEB Business Hub is set to be the go-to location in Hedland that offers collaboration, creativity, motivation, and multifunctional areas with supportive services that both fosters and supports existing and start-up businesses. Hedland Collective is looking forward to being a component of this exciting new chapter in the Pilbara."

Angela Rooney, Hedland Collective

"I'm thrilled to be part of a project that will reinvigorate opportunities for entrepreneurship and further deepen the business community in the East Pilbara region owing to whole-of-business support project objectives."

Kira Smith, The WEB Business Hub

This initiative is proudly supported by