Hack the School Hedland

In partnership with Perth coworking space Spacecubed, The WEB Business Hub organised a school hackathon in Port Hedland last week. More than 50 Hedland Senior High School students from Year 8 to 10 came together at the Youth Involvement Centre (YIC) to spend two days creating business ideas.

The students were given two themes to ‘Hack’:

Imagine the School of the Future

Imagine the Pilbara of 2030

Entrepreneur tools

The two days of the school hackathon were filled with activities to equip the students with entrepreneur tools to turn an idea into a business. In small groups and with the help of mentors and coaches, the students learned about Lean Canvas, Massive Canvas and finding their North Star.

Icebreaker activities saw the inaugural winner of “Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors”. You can watch it back in this Facebook video:

Shark coffee and electric netball

In other icebreakers, teams were given two random words to come up with a business idea. This resulted in some very creative ideas. How do you like the sound of “Shark Coffee - coffee with a bite” or would you like to go for a game of “Electric Netball”?

In the final pitch at the end of the hackathon, the teams shared their fantastic business plans with us: the use of VR and AR in teaching, adopt the Finnish system of schooling (shorter days, smaller classes) and hologram teachers to service remote communities.

Thank you to all the students from Hedland Senior High School who participated, we loved hearing your ideas. And a massive thanks to all our mentors, judges and sponsors. Hack the School Hedland couldn’t have been possible without you:

Jenna Dodge - PDC
Shelly Comtesse – BHP
Larissa Bevins - PHCCI
David Trench - BHP
Joel Schreiber – North Regional Tafe
Kelly Howlett – Bloodwood Tree
Rebecca Parker - PDC
Warren McDonogh - WesTrac
MJ Van Vuuren - C-Res
Chris Cottier - BHP

Camilo Blanco – TOPH Mayor
Ashleigh Knight – BHP
Trish Barron - Pilbara Development Commission
Treasure Vailala - Youth Involvement Council
Bill Mann - Principal, Hedland Senior High School


What exactly is a hackathon?
A hackathon an event where people come together to solve a problem over a short period of time. A hackathon focuses on thinking big, customer interviews and validation, and culminates in a final pitch to a panel of local industry judges.

Supporting the local business community

"The WEB Business Hub is set to be the go-to location in Hedland that offers collaboration, creativity, motivation, and multifunctional areas with supportive services that both fosters and supports existing and start-up businesses. Hedland Collective is looking forward to being a component of this exciting new chapter in the Pilbara."

Angela Rooney, Hedland Collective

"I'm thrilled to be part of a project that will reinvigorate opportunities for entrepreneurship and further deepen the business community in the East Pilbara region owing to whole-of-business support project objectives."

Kira Smith, The WEB Business Hub

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