7 reasons why you should try coworking

Curious about coworking but not sure if you should make the jump? Here are 7 reasons why we think you should look into it.

1. Cost saving

A study by Hub Australia has found that businesses can save as much as 25% in costs by working from shared office space rather than traditional offices. In coworking spaces all costs are factored into a monthly membership fee so there is no cost for overheads like power, electricity and wifi, cleaning and maintenance and amenities.

2. Productivity

In addition to real cost savings, there are hidden savings in the form of productivity. Your staff no longer need to act as receptionists, spend time ordering supplies or amenities and can focus 100% of their time in your core business. Coworking spaces are designed to unleash creative thinking, and have different spaces to maximise the effectiveness of your team.

3. Flexibility

Unlike traditional office leases coworking spaces offer short contracts or month to month memberships. This gives you the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade as your team size changes. It is also a low-risk way of testing your market without the pressure of overheads.

4. Feel part of a community/ escape isolation

Working by yourself can be very isolating and lonely - working from home is too quiet, but working from Dome or your local coffee shop is too busy. Coworking spaces provide instant community, with an unspoken bond between members.

5. Networking opportunities & events

A coworking space isn’t just desks and chairs - its also a great spot to host or attend an event. Events range from learning opportunities, fun workshops, drinks, networking and social events.

6. Find new business opportunities

A lot of business is done between members of coworking spaces. All the people around you have clients, and they may need your services or expertise. Opportunities arise because of the proximity of people in a physical, and trust is higher between members so word of mouth is more likely to spread. Don’t be afraid to spend some time in the kitchen or at social events - it may need to interesting partnerships down the line.

7. Separate work and home

Lastly, coworking allows flexibility while still separating your work life and home life. Home offices are often less productive than other workspaces, due to the number of distractions. There is something refreshing about being able to leave behind your work at the end of the day to head home.

Supporting the local business community

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Angela Rooney, Hedland Collective

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Kira Smith, The WEB Business Hub

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